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Whether you work your business part-time or full-time you probably think about it all the time.  If you are unclear on the direction your business is going and how you are going to get to the picture of success you have in your mind, thinking about it can be discouraging.  Or worse, you know how to get there but don't have the skills & training to convince bankers & investors.  We help small business owner get past the unknowns and develop actionable plans & processes that can be clearly communicated to partners, lenders or investors.

Small business planning & consulting services

If you have already started your business but are having doubts about investing more money; we can give you an objective evaluation of what it's going to take to get your business profitable and the likelihood of that happening based on your current situation and your willingness to make specific changes.     

Business Concept Analysis

Business Success Evaluation & Next-steps

Business Plan & Investor Pitch Writing

Clearly communicating the details of why you & your business are worth investing in takes a specific type of writing, and its not suited for everyone.  Making sure you address the questions bankers & investors really have shouldn't be left to chance, or amateurs.  Partial plans & business plan review are also avilable.

Business plan

Website & Online presence development

Being able to effectively deliver marketing & informational messages to your audience(s) is vital to business growth.  Our customized yet easy to implement social media & website set-up programs keep you in charge while we do the work.  

Setting up soclia media and websites

Projections, Proforma's & Cash flow

Financial projections

Your financials are the make-or-break element of your business plan; if you miss the mark with your numbers you will not get funded.  Sorry but that's how it really is.  Our proforma's are easy to read, thorough and accurate; your lender or investor will thank you.

Financial Plan Analysis

Financial feasibility

Profitability isn't an accident.  Having a solid financial plan that is in sync with, and reflects, your operational processes will allow you to create accurate forecasts for what your business will bring in, and what you will get to take home. 

Custom Consulting and Collaborations

Consulting team

For owners that recognize that they cant do everything themselves and that getting the right help at the right time can free them up to focus on what their business needs from them the most.  Sometimes its just a second opinion but it helps.

Growth & Expansion Planning

Growing Small Business

Maintaining profitability as you grow can be a big challenge; but it is doable and bankers expect it.  Your growth plan should be targeted, achievable and measured against others in your market/industry.  We can help you build a plan makes sense & can be done. 

Training Plan Design & Implementation

training plan design

If you cant afford to hire the best, you better be ready to train the people you hire.  Owners are not always great trainers, so having a plan to augment skills and measure skill development progress may save you from burning people out & having to hire again.  

Operations Plan Analysis

Here is where your grind lives.  Don't overlook the importance of analyzing the day-to-day, must do activities because this is where efficiency gains become profits.  We can help you identify systems to put in place here that will make your life easier.

fine tuning the operations

​​" Tracy has been an influential consultant for both Texas Glass Restoration and Optimum Rope Access Solutions. His business insight has been a proven resource in helping us build two successful organizations and he has been a trusted guide to help us navigate challenging situations. I would recommend him to anyone needing consulting and planning services." 


-Todd Bentley , Optimum Rope Access Solutions

​​" Working with Jennifer & Tracy has been a blessing! They are very dedicated in what they do... they are great support and wonderful motivation is very much received when working along side with these two!" 


-Anna Lisa Ramos , Fresh Box

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