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We can help the small businesses & startups that you are considering investing in  

by getting business owners past the unknowns and developing actionable plans & processes that can be clearly communicated, implemented and measured.  The services highlighted below are some of the ways we can help you grow your community's business capabilities; and in turn your employment & tax base.

If you have an idea for a business you want to pursue  but you aren’t sure how to get started, or even how much potential the idea really has, we can help.    Knowing what the potential for your idea is and/or how much time, money & work it will take to give it a shot is liberating and often eye opening.  Many times the process of talking it out and explaining the idea to someone who knows what questions to ask opens new potential, as well as exposes holes in the plan.   We will  give you an objective evaluation of what it's going to take to get your business started & get it profitable.  If you want to move forward we will help you get all your paperwork done to get legal.

Business Concept Analysis

Business Idea Exploration & Entity Formation

Business Plan Development

Writing a good business plans can be difficult, but not because it has to be, mostly because people don't know what to include & what to leave out.  After writing or helping with over 100 business plans we can guide you on how to make sure you address the questions bankers & investors really have while leaving out unnecessary information.   We have a structured plan development process that guides you through each section by asking you specific questions then helping you explain the details as needed.  Our process is a lot    faster & easier than sitting down with a blank page and starting from scratch; and your banker will appreciate the easy to evaluate format our plans print in.

Business plan

Website & Online Presence Development

Being able to effectively deliver marketing and  information to your current & potential customers  is vital to business growth and stability.  Not being online in Not an option in today's economy; but getting an effective online presence set up doesn't  have to be complicated or expensive.  Our custom,  yet easy to manage social media & website set-up programs keep you in charge while we do the up front work, then teach you how to keep it running.  No technical knowledge is needed.

Setting up soclia media and websites

Projections & Proforma's

Financial projections

Your financials are the make-or-break element of your business plan when it comes to getting a loan or investment; but you don't have to be a financial guru to create projections that clearly show how your growth will pay for the loan you are requesting.  Our tools level the playing field for businesses that know how to make money but don't know how to show it on paper.  You will be amazed how quickly our Q&A process converts your knowledge into documents that map out your businesses financial future . 

Financial Analysis

Financial feasibility

Profitability isn't an accident.  Having a financial plan that is in sync with, and reflects, your operating processes allows you to accurately forecast what the business will bring in, and what you will get to take home.  If you are not taking home as much as you expected to, lets take a look at where your money is going and find ways to add  efficiencies that result in greater profitability.

Growth & Expansion Planning

Growing Small Business

Growth plans should be targeted, achievable and measured against a set standard.  Many businesses want to grow but don't take the time to plan the growth and know how big 'big enough' for their time commitments, lifestyle, family dynamic, building size,  etc.  We can help you build a growth plan makes sense for your market, can be done in a reasonable time frame, and hits your personal & professional goals.

Operations Analysis

This is where the magic happens.  Your day-to-day  activities hold the key to your success, but because it is often boring or repetitive work, it's significance gets  overlooked.  Not buy us; we love helping businesses tweak their operating processes to squeeze more efficiency & more money out of the the work they do everyday.  If you have hit a financial plateau or you feel close to burning out, let us help you.  Most likely we can find ways to make your processes better, your life a little easier and your wallet a little thicker. 

fine tuning the operations

Training Plan Design & Implementation

training plan design

If you want to stay ahead of your competition a big part of it is keeping great people on your team, which means incorporating a training program into your business.  The problem is owners are not always great trainers, and many times to get the best results employees need to hear an outside perspective to learn new skills or try doing things a new way.  Whether you need help designing or delivering your training programs we can help you prevent burning people out & having to hire again.  

​​" Tracy has been an influential consultant for both Texas Glass Restoration and Optimum Rope Access Solutions. His business insight has been a proven resource in helping us build two successful organizations and he has been a trusted guide to help us navigate challenging situations. I would recommend him to anyone needing consulting and planning services." 


-Todd Bentley , Optimum Rope Access Solutions

​​" Working with Jennifer & Tracy has been a blessing! They are very dedicated in what they do... they are great support and wonderful motivation is very much received when working along side with these two!" 


-Anna Lisa Ramos , Fresh Box

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