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Business Planning and Strategy Client

Square Mile Community Development

The planning & strategy sessions with Tracy helped us refine our focus, set our budget and develop a plan of action we could implement and get traction with early on despite having a non-traditional business model where we develop profitable programs inside a non-profit entity.  Tracy’s recommendations have been very helpful, and he continues to be a friend & trusted partner of Square Mile Industries.

Strategic Planning Client

Big Texan Zipline

Tracy Shea, at that time of the SBDC, was assigned as the council in the development of the business plan for The Big Texan Zipline . Tracy was instrumental in assisting with projections and breakdown of expenses for startup . Tracy was easy to work with and gave great advice and would recommend time with him as invaluable in any business.

Amarillo Enterprize Challenge Winner

Optimum Rope Access

Tracy has been an influential consultant for both Texas Glass Restoration and Optimum Rope Access Solutions. His business insight has been a proven resource in helping us build two successful organizations and he has been a trusted guide to help us navigate challenging situations. I would recommend him to anyone needing consulting and planning services.

Restaurant Client we helped get started

Time Out Sports Bar & Grill

Tracy, it has been over 2 years and my restaurant is going Strong, Thank you for all you did for me to get it going !!!!!!

Freshbox logo.PNG

FreshBox Amarillo

Working with Jennifer & Tracey has been a blessing! They are very dedicated in what they do... they are great support and wonderful motivation is very much received when working along side with these two!  

Anna Lisa Ramos

John's Auto Repair

I purchased John’s Auto Repair over a year ago. And the lender sent me to Tracy and I am very thankful they did.  Tracy helped me tremendously with all my paper work and helped write a business plan to give to the lenders. Without his help I wouldn’t have been able to do it at all. He was so patient and had so much knowledge of putting together a business plan. I highly recommend him.

The Easy Math App

Tracy's help has been invaluable as a consultant and team member.  If you are a startup and need someone that cares to help you plan your growth and watch your back at the same time, you should call Tracy.  

Technology startup client
Family Business Client

Recycled Entertainment

"Tracy has helped and witnessed our business grow since the beginning (2004). His guidance and knowledge have helped us to make steps in the right direction.  He is always pleasant and understanding.  He is easy to work with and thinks creatively.  Tracy's knowledge and expertise are a huge asset to our business.  Our business would not be where it is today without the guidance and consulting we received from Tracy." 


Elesaio and Jessica Maestas 

Corporate Website Client

Amarillo Recovery from Alcohol & Drugs

"Tracy is very responsive, personable, and knowledgeable- the consummate professional!"


Martha Burkett

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