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Business planning will never be less expensive or more convenient than it is right now.  Trying to finish your business plan after you have launched the business is like filing your taxes in May.  It can be done but it's stressful, you feel rushed, and you know the longer it takes the greater the penalty is going to be, so you resent the process.  Save yourself the headache and the money lost from changing plans.

Pre-start business planning & consulting services

If you have been sitting on an idea you want to pursue someday but you aren’t sure how to get started, it's time to get insights & answers for the “that could work” business or program idea you are holding on to.

Business Concept Evaluation & Next-steps

Business Concept Evaluation

Business Plan & Investor Pitch Writing

Clearly communicating why you & your business are worth investing in takes a specific type of writing, and its not suited for everyone.  Making sure you address the questions bankers & investors really have shouldn't be left to chance, or part-time effort. 

Business Plan Investor Pitch

Projections, Proforma's & Cash flow

proforma and projections

Your financials are the make-or-break element of your business plan; if you miss the mark with your numbers you will not get funded.  Sorry but that's how it really is.  Our proforma's are easy to read, thorough and accurate; your lender or investor will thank you.

Financial Plan Analysis

Financial plan analysis

Profitability isn't an accident.  Having a solid financial plan that is in sync with, and reflects, your operational processes will allow you to create accurate forecasts for what your business will bring in, and what you will get to take home. 

Custom Consulting & Collaboration

Sometime there are so many questions i'ts hard to separate where one begins & another ends.  If that's where you are right now, it's OK.  We can help you unpack your thoughts, goals and obstacles to clarify your vision and what it will take to make it real.

Custm consulting

Operational Plan Analysis

operational analysis

Here is where your grind lives.  Don't overlook the importance of analyzing the day-to-day, must do activities because this is where efficiency gains become profits.  We can help you identify systems to put in place here that will make your life easier.

"Tracy has helped and witnessed our business grow since the beginning (2004). His guidance and knowledge have helped us to make steps in the right direction.  He is always pleasant and understanding.  He is easy to work with and thinks creatively.  Tracy's knowledge and expertise are a huge asset to our business.  Our business would not be where it is today without the guidance and consulting we received from Tracy."        - Elesaio and Jessica Maestas  , Recycled Entertainment

​​" Tracy has been an influential consultant for both Texas Glass Restoration and Optimum Rope Access Solutions. His business insight has been a proven resource in helping us build two successful organizations and he has been a trusted guide to help us navigate challenging situations. I would recommend him to anyone needing consulting and planning services." 

-Todd Bentley , Optimum Rope Access Solutions

Website & Online presence development

Being able to effectively deliver marketing & informational messages to your audience(s) is vital to business growth.  Our customized yet easy to implement social media & website set-up programs keep you in charge while we do the work.  

Establish an online presence
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