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Analysing financial projections and cash flow

Small loan : Simple business with simple financials

Large loan/investment : Complex business with Detailed financials 

You decide which best fits your situation

My preference is for business owners & founders to know all the financial details of their business, that isn't always realistic though.  We can get into amazing detail with your financials if you need to justify a complex revenue or expense model for a large loan/investment; or we can keep it very simple for a simple business, depending on your need, AND your ability to communicate how your financial model works to your lenders or investors. 


Most of the time, you lender will want to discuss your financials with you so be ready to have a discussion about them.  If you heart rate just doubled, don't worry; I have taught lots of people with zero formal training how to explain & discuss their businesses financials so their lender feels more comfortable and believes that you can do what the numbers say.    

If you like numbers then this process will be surprisingly easy and you will be better prepared to make adjustments to your own financials in the future and work out difference scenarios for business growth.  Our data tools and custom calculators make the process simple even though there is a lot of detail.

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