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Award winning business plan

A good business plan tells the same story twice, once with words & once with numbers.  Get the two out of sync and you lose credibility

We have an amazingly easy process for helping clients create accurate business plans that won't stress you out and that your bankers will love.  After writing lots of traditional business plans and having bankers tell me over and over that they seldom read the whole plan because it takes too much time and because most plans are full of exaggerations; I decided to start creating business plans differently.  Bankers want facts, figures and a story to back them up; the rest of the information they need they will get from discussions with you and from your documentation.


We have developed the Business Planning System ( that lets clients work at their own pace in a structured question & answer format that ends up creating a business plan as you use the system to get your thoughts and visions out of your head.  When you need help or have questions we are available for consulting.  The system is charged at an affordable flat rate for monthly access and consulting help is charged by the hour ( in 10 minute increments).  This system lets clients work at their schedule without having to travel or meet over and over and ends up saving clients hundreds of dollars.  While letting us work with more businesses.  Win - Win.

"Tracy has helped and witnessed our business grow since the beginning (2004). His guidance and knowledge have helped us to make steps in the right direction.  He is always pleasant and understanding.  He is easy to work with and thinks creatively.  Tracy's knowledge and expertise are a huge asset to our business.  Our business would not be where it is today without the guidance and consulting we received from Tracy." 


​Elesaio and Jessica Maestas, Recycled Entertainment

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