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Having both worked at non-profits for years Jen & I understand their mission centered perspective as well as the constraints they face when it comes to funding.  We also know from experience that the day-to-day work of planning, operating and growing a non-profit is very similar to the day-to-day activities it takes to run a successful for-profit business.  We use our experience with both sides to create revenue generating & self-sustaining programs that help non-profits be more self sufficient and reduce their dependence on donors for operating funds.

You are allowed to charge for services and make money.  We can help you design programs that provide value, stay on mission and also help pay the bills. 

Non-profit program planning & consulting services

Self-sustaining programs strengthen a non-profit's ability to weather though times as well as help satisfy grant & donor requirements that funds be used for capacity building instead of operations.  You can do more good for more people if your doors are open. 

Profitable Program Design

Self sufficient nonprofit program

Grants, Funding plans & Cases for support

Clearly communicating why you & your programs are worth investing in takes a specific type of writing & its not suited for everyone.  Making sure you address the questions donors have about viability, sustainability & mission focus shouldn't be left to chance or a template. 

grant writing case for support

Operational Plan Analysis

Nonprofit operations team

Don't overlook the importance of analyzing the day-to-day, must do activities because this is where efficiency gains become profits.  We can help you identify systems to put in place here that will make your life easier and your organization run smoother.

Website & Online presence development

Being able to effectively deliver marketing & informational messages to your audience(s) is vital to business growth.  Our customized yet easy to implement social media & website set-up programs keep you in charge while we do the work.  

nonprofit social media manager

Financial Plan Analysis

nonprofit financials

Profitability isn't an accident.  Having a solid financial plan that is in sync with, and reflects, your operational processes will allow you to create accurate forecasts for what your business will bring in, and what you will get to take home. 

Custom Consulting & Collaboration

Sometime there are so many questions i'ts hard to separate where one begins & another ends.  It's OK, we've helped lots of people through that.  If you aren't sure where to start we can help you unpack your thoughts, goals and obstacles to clarify your vision and what it will take to make it real.

happy nonprofit consulting client

Projections, Proforma's & Cash flow

nonprofit projections

Your financials are the make-or-break element of your plan; if you miss the mark with your numbers you will not get funded.  Sorry but that's how it really is.  Our proforma's are easy to read, thorough and accurate; you banker will thank you.

nonprofit program evaluation

If you have been sitting on an idea you want to pursue someday but you aren’t sure how to get started, it's time to get insights & answers for the “that could work” business idea you are holding on to.

Program Concept Evaluation & Next-steps

​​" The planning & strategy sessions with Tracy helped us refine our focus, set our budget and develop a plan of action we could implement and get traction with early on despite having a non-traditional business model where we develop profitable programs inside a non-profit entity.  Tracy’s recommendations have been very helpful, and he continues to be a friend & trusted partner of Square Mile Industries."        - Braden Clark , Square Mile Industries

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