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Informative, accurate, persuasive, correctly formatted & mission aligned.  Our grants & cases for support make it easy for donors & funding entities to say yes. 

Making the world a better place can get expensive.  Fortunately wealthy individuals, foundations, corporations and public entities fund awesome non-profit organizations to accomplish the work they care about. 

To get that funding though, you have to prove that you are the best team to do the job and make the impact the funder wants to see.  We help nonprofits communicate that they are indeed the best team to invest in and that your program can get results while staying focused on the mission the funder has outlined. 


As a technical writing pursuit grants can be tricky because many times the required format makes communicating complex ideas & value propositions more difficult than it otherwise would be.  This is one reason that the same noprofits tend to get grants from the same funding organizations over and over - they have cracked the code on how that donor wants to be presented to.  Unfortunately many nonprofits don't have the trained staff, time or budget to write multiple grants to multiple funders to try and figure it out.  When you are ready lets talk about the grants you are going after and how we can help crack the code for you.


If you aren't grant funded then your case for support needs to be engaging and must communicate, (respectfully), that by not funding you donors are choosing not to seek to improve the problems your group addresses.  At the same time you are asking for money, you cant seem too needy and it helps to establish a personal connection with your audience.  Depending on what you do and who you are appealing to we can help; if we don't feel we can connect with your audience or your mission we will let you know so you and find someone that can.

"Tracy has helped and witnessed our business grow since the beginning (2004). His guidance and knowledge have helped us to make steps in the right direction.  He is always pleasant and understanding.  He is easy to work with and thinks creatively.  Tracy's knowledge and expertise are a huge asset to our business.  Our business would not be where it is today without the guidance and consulting we received from Tracy." 


​Elesaio and Jessica Maestas, Recycled Entertainment

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