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nonprofit program design meeting

We want to see more good done for more people more often, but it takes money, time & talent to make it happen.  If you can provide the time & talent we can help provide the money by creating profitable programs that small to medium size non-profits can implement.  

Donor fatigue is a real thing, and even very generous donors want to see that you are using their money to effect change, not pay salaries.  So how do you do that if you don't have the money to pay salaries without donors?  It can seem like a catch 22 for small non-profits.    

It can be tricky, and it's one reason that so many non-profits shut their doors after just a few years only making a fraction of the impact they had hoped to or could have.  We offer a solution to donor fatigue and donor dilution in the form of profitable & self-sufficient programs.  By implementing programs that can pay for themselves you have a much stronger case for support when you ask donors for capacity expansion funding and you also have a way to measure community engagement with your programs.  Building profitable programs is a lot like building a new department or new product set in a small business; we apply the years of experience we have in this area to your mission and your staff.  

If you want to stay in the field long enough to make a difference to your mission and stand out to donors as the group to support then you should consider doing things a little differently and start adding to the balance in your program account instead of depleting it.

We love building self sufficient & profitable programs that support good causes, and we are good at it.  

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