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Analysing the business concept

Get insights & answers for the “that could work” idea you are holding on to.

If you have been sitting on an idea for a business or program (non-profits) you want to pursue someday but you aren’t sure how to get started we can help.  Even if aren’t in a hurry to get started, knowing what the potential for your idea is and/or how much time, money & work it will take to give it a chance is liberating.  Many times the process of talking it out and explaining the idea to someone who knows what questions to ask opens new potential, as well as exposes holes in the plan.  If confidentiality is a concern for you, yes I will sign an NDA if you feel it is necessary.


If you are like most entrepreneurs, the idea isn't going to go away until you get the answers you need, but someone else may do it before you get around to it.  The sooner you know what the possibilities are the sooner you can either embrace the plan or let it go.  Having someone with experience walk you through the possibilities and give you some tools to help you think it through at your own pace helps a lot.  Cookie cutter checklists usually won’t get the job done because they don't dig into what drives you and how much you want to see it become real.  To get started click the button below

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