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Website & social media team

We will get you set up with every platform you need and teach you how to use it to reach your audiences

Research shows that 85+% of customers research purchases online before buying products or services in person and that a similar percentage compares multiple products & services  online before making a choice of which company to spend money with either on or offline.  But before someone can research you they have to be able to find you or interact with your message.  


Besides operating multiple online businesses we have helped many clients get their business online and  learn how to get their message out to their target market.  Your online presence is not your business, it is only one facet of your business.  We work to make the whole business functional & profitable and keep your online presence in line with what you need to be effective & maintain profitability.  


One thing you will find different from us than many other companies is that we really don't want to manage your website or social media long term.  We want to help you get started and be as effective as possible but when you are ready to do it yourself we will transition controls & activity to you so you can take over the day-to-day.  Your website and all of your social media profiles & pages will always be yours to control & manage.  We wont set them up under our name or on our credit card and then hold you hostage for exorbitant buy-out payments like many "media" companies do.  We care about small businesses and we want to see you win.  Contact us to see some of our client work and see what we can do for you. 

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