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verifying financial feasibility

You don't have to be a financial expert to run a successful business

It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to fall in love with an idea and the possibilities that their idea holds without taking a critical look at the real numbers behind what it will take to make their vision a reality.  “Idea-infatuation” has blinded many otherwise frugal people and lead them to spend lots of money getting ready for what they are convinced their business is going-to-be someday; before they even get the business stabilized & profitable. Before you start writing big checks or getting into debt, its a good idea to have someone that isn't in love with your idea take an objective look at your numbers to make sure your business can make enough money fast enough to pay you, or pay the bank back, and have the cash needed to grow.   

You don't have to be a financial wizard to run a successful business,  but if numbers, charts, and spreadsheets give you anxiety, you need to talk with someone that can translate the numbers into what it means to you in terms of day-to-day work.  People really do go bankrupt over this, don't let it be you.  This is one of our specialties and we have saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in this area.  Don't be intimidated by your financials, and don't guess at them, call us so we can help you build a plan you fully understand


If you are pretty sure that your financials are reflecting your business correctly and communicating your growth plans we would be happy to review them with you and make sure they are matching up with you story your business plan is telling.  Depending on the level of complexity of your plan we can normally have a financial review done in a day along with some recommendations, if needed, so you can be confident that your lender or investors are going to see the what you mean for them to see in your numbers.

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