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Employee group training

If you wont train your employees your competitors eventually will

If you want your business to keep running and growing when you go on vacation, you will need competent staff to keep things going while you are out of the office.  Training is one of the most overlooked yet most vital activities for small businesses. 


Every owner or founder eventually gets sick, or has life interrupt the business in a way that cant be avoided.  If you have been putting off training your staff when that day comes, and they aren't able to handle problems without you to fix things  it will cost you much more than training would have.  Having been a trainer in corporate, non-profit & academic environments and teaching thousands of people dozens of different topics over the years I bring the same insight and passion to training staff members as I do consulting with owners.  


If you don't need a trainer but instead need a training program, I'll be glad to work with you to customize a program for you to teach that fits your business & your culture from the many finished training programs I have ready to teach. 

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