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How do I start a business?

This is the most common question we answer, and one of the most important. 

There is no one-size-fits-all answer.  Anyone that says there is probably hasn't started many businesses or is trying to sell you a business plan template.  

The real answer is:  It depends on what kind of business you want to finish with.  If you want a small business plan for a small business, if you want a big business that will require a different plan & different work.


We help people decide & plan for the kind of business they want to finish with.  Lets talk about what you want your business to look like years from now so we build the right plan.

Pre-launch Business Planning Services

Analyzing the data

If you have been sitting on an idea you want to pursue someday but you aren’t sure how to get started, it's time to get insights & answers for the “that could work” business idea you are holding on to.

Recommended For:

Individuals that want to start their own business & are exploring the potential of their current idea before putting work into a business plan.   

Business Concept Analysis & Next-Steps Plan

Business Plan Writing

more information

Get your ideas out of your head & into our easy online system so you can make sure all the pieces fit and that the plan makes money.  When you want help we are available to answer questions or work with you to get through things you haven't thought about yet.

Recommended For:

Individuals that need to explain why their business works & how it makes money clearly and succinctly, but don't have the time or writing experience.


Monetizing your Life Experience


When life changes and you can no longer do what you have done to earn a living, building on the foundation you already have may be your path to new income or another career.

Recommended For:


People that have been successful before & plan to do it again; but  want help getting started with new markets, operating models & technology.

Financial Feasibility Check

Euro Bill

Before spending thousands of dollars getting ready for your businesses future,  make sure the numbers add up and your plans don't bankrupt you before you get started.

Recommended For:

Entrepreneurs with a well-formed idea & plan but are unsure of the costs & financial potential of their new business.

​​" The planning & strategy sessions with Tracy helped us refine our focus, set our budget and develop a plan of action we could implement and get traction with early on despite having a non-traditional business model where we develop profitable programs inside a non-profit entity.  Tracy’s recommendations have been very helpful, and he continues to be a friend & trusted partner of Square Mile Industries."        - Braden Clark , Square Mile Industries

Post-Launch Business Planning Services

Cash flow & break-even plan

CT Financial.jpeg

I'm selling more and growing faster than ever, why don't I have any money?   How long until I can get paid?

Recommended For:

Business owners that have a solid understanding of their operational processes but don’t understand the factors that use up or delay the arrival of cash between making a sale and depositing the payment from the sale.

When can I quit my job?

Plan jumper.jpg

When can I quit my job?     - Or -     I’m quitting my job on this date; how much money can my business generate by then?

Recommended For:

Side-business owners that are considering early retirement or are anticipating an upcoming change that may require their business to cover more of the household expenses.  A MUST DO before quitting your job without another job lined up. 

​​" Tracy has been an influential consultant for both Texas Glass Restoration and Optimum Rope Access Solutions. His business insight has been a proven resource in helping us build two successful organizations and he has been a trusted guide to help us navigate challenging situations. I would recommend him to anyone needing consulting and planning services." 


Todd Bentley , Optimum Rope Access Solutions

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