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Add-on Business Processes:
Do & Teach

Stay focused on day to day operations while we add these new capabilities to your business

then teach you how to use them.

How many times have you been told in school, or sports that in order to achieve greatness at something you have to maintain focus no matter what else is going on?   A hundred times, maybe more; so why do so many entrepreneurs forget this lesson when it comes to growing a small business?  Many entrepreneurs think they have to do everything related to their business themselves and when they try, they often lose focus on core business functions and end up making mistakes that cost them money. 

Instead of trying to do everything yourself why not treat your business like you would treat an expensive piece of machinery or a luxury car that needs a tune up, take it to a professional and let them do their job.  8 Fifteen's  bolt-on business processes save you time & focus; which helps you avoid mistakes and saves money.  You may be able to add these capabilities yourself, but it would probably be months instead of days or weeks before you could use them.    With our focused effort on your behalf we can add new capabilities, and new customer value, to your business quickly at an affordable price.  Then when we are done with implementation we will come & teach you & your staff how to  start impressing your clients with your new tools, technology or process improvements.

Every implementation includes:

  • Analysis of your business needs and existing processes

  • Defining goals for the project

  • Selecting the tools/technologies for your operation & budget 

  • Designing & documenting the new process(es)

  • Implementing the tools/technology

  • Testing the tools/technology & new process(es)

  • ½ day hands on training session on the new processes & how to use the tools / technology in your business.

​​" I have worked with Tracy on three separate businesses and his help has been invaluable as a consultant and team member.  I recommend him highly, just don't take all his time so he is still available to help me."


Alejandro Magallanes , The EasyMath App

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