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Turn-key business functions that bring immediate impact.  

Add-on Business Capabilities:

Stay focused on day to day operations while we handle the implementation work.  After adding new capabilities to the business we train you & your staff.

Get your business online website & basic SEO

Website design, build & SEO package

Don't be intimidated by technology  we can get your business online &  searchable so people can find you and do business with you.  When its done we will teach you how to manage the website on your own. 

Start taking orders & selling from your website

ecommerce enablement service

If you have a product business and you aren't selling online you are missing out on sales.  We can get your products online ready to sell while you focus on getting ready to handle more orders.

Start selling on Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Google, etc.

Selling on Amazon, Facebook, eBay and others

If you have good margins and your business can handle dramatically increasing order volume, expanding to 3rd party platforms may be what you need to ramp up revenue, we can show you how.

Standardize your sales process & measure your sales performance


Tired of not knowing why sales fluctuate from month to month?  Measure your sales performance & do more of what works.  You can see dramatic improvements  once you standardize your process.

Add a CRM & email marketing w/ tracking:

Office Call

If you plan on marketing via email without a CRM & tracking program invest in Advil now because  headaches are coming.  Don't burn sales leads, get the tools needed to follow up and close deals.

Create a comprehensive monthly budget and expense tracking process


You will be amazed how easy it is to stay on budget once you have a system in place.  Once your expense mapping is done you shouldn't have any trouble knowing what to spend, where and when.

Get Social 

Social-media starter kit


The problem with social media is it changes so quickly.  Give yourself time to learn while we establish your businesses social presence then show you how to engage with your different social markets.

Add 24/7 availability & customer support


Having customer visit your website 24/7 is great, but what happens when they have a question @ 3am?  As your business grows make sure you are keeping up with what your customers need, when they need it.

Streamline your menu

& control costs


Find out exactly how much each menu item costs you to serve and how much you make on each sale so you can make smart decisions about portion size, pricing, staffing, specials & more.

If you need a custom solution implemented we can help with that too.  Lets talk & figure out the best solution for your needs & budget. 

​​" The planning & strategy sessions with Tracy helped us refine our focus, set our budget and develop a plan of action we could implement and get traction with early on despite having a non-traditional business model where we develop profitable programs inside a non-profit entity.  Tracy’s recommendations have been very helpful, and he continues to be a friend & trusted partner of Square Mile Industries." 


Braden Clark , Square Mile Industries

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