We help companies plan, launch & grow.

By providing business planning and consulting services that clarify the path to sustainable profitability for small businesses & startup's. 


We are system thinkers and system builders.  We can help you get ready for the road ahead.

Business planning is much less expensive than business failure

The operational & financial problems that kill most business are not unique.  Each business is unique, but the problems they encounter have predictable patterns. 


By helping entrepreneurs & management teams think through the problems they are likely to encounter in launching or growing their business, and enabling them to test solutions on paper using our financial & operations modeling tools ahead of time we save our clients tons of time, energy & money.  


We are BIG believers in planning your way through the problems ahead before spending money on growth.  Having launched both successful & non-successful businesses we know how expensive insufficient planning can be.  We can help you avoid the mistakes we have seen others make.


The day to day busy-ness of running a business can make it feel like you will never have the time to sit down & plan out your growth even though you need to.  Feeling overwhelmed is dangerous to your business because it keeps you in a rut. 

Our service enable business owners & leaders to step back from the day-to-day long enough to craft a plan they fully understand & can follow.


Plan > Act > Analyze > Adjust > Repeat


The PAAAR System is a result of thousands of hours analyzing the successful &unsuccessful practices of hundreds of businesses and identifying how they handled similar problems.  We incorporate the PAAAR System in multiple aspects of consulting and teaching business owners of how apply it on their own.

When combined with our financial & operations modeling tools, we help business owners foresee how & when to make specific changes in their operation to boost profits, control costs & accomplish their goals.

The specific contents of each clients plan is unique & the work is customized to their company using their own data.  

Secret Sauce

You will not find another consulting team that understands your journey, cares as much about your success or wants you to win as much as we do. 


Of course we care about how much our clients grow their bottom line, but we also truly care about our clients as people and that their business is a bright spot in their life, not just a way to pay the bills. 


We are driven by the win more than the dollars; if we can help you win, we win.  The dollars will follow.  


At the same time, we aren't cheerleaders, and we aren't the cheapest around but you will get every ounce of the help we can provide, and every penny's worth of what you spend with us.

Each stage of business development requires specific focus, what are you focused on right now?


Understand the events that cause problems & how to avoid them

90% of the business plans  written lack the financial & operational details entrepreneurs need to help guide their business in real life.  A good plan should do more than help you get a loan.

In real life when businesses have problems owners often abandon their plan and try anything to make the immediate problem go away, even if the 'fix' creates a bigger set of problems. 


8 Fifteen plans are different. We  help owners foresee the events or decisions that can cause  problems as well as the options to fix them.  By using the PAAAR system & our data tools clients can understand their options and make informed decisions if problems show up in real life; resulting in less stress & less  money wasted.  


Trial & error as a business strategy is just too expensive.

Whether you are launching a new business or a new initiative for an existing business it takes a lot of work, and that work needs to produce results.  

Launching without a methodology and a specific set of criteria to measure the impact of the work is a great way to spend more money and miss the results you are looking for.  Trial & error as a business strategy is very expensive.

We help clients launch specific initiatives, following a set plan with measured results where each initiative adds value and improves overall ROI.  Narrowing focus to only launching revenue generating initiatives until profitability & cash flow are established allows clients to grow quickly when the time comes


Growth on its own does not fix all problems.

Once you have a workable plan with sufficient detail to make data driven decisions, and you have implemented the systems needed to support your clients & staff without sacrificing profits, its time to focus on rapid growth.  

Focusing on rapid growth without these pieces in place will only  produce short term results because customers & employees don't stay with companies that cant take care of them.  


8 Fifteen helps growth-ready companies implement aggressive revenue generation strategies that add customers & strategic partners while keeping costs in check.  

There are lots of ways to make money but not all produce consistent profitability.  Make sure to plan the work & work the plan.


If you are ready to start or grow your business we are ready to help.

People often ask where our name, 8 Fifteen, comes from.  It comes from Romans 8:15 which reminds us to not make decisions based on fear but instead be secure in who we are in Christ.  We don't preach to our clients but we do approach our lives & our work from the perspective that business pursuits should fit inside who someone is and what their life-priorities are, not the other way around. 


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