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Competitive Analysis Audit

Competition shouldn't be feared, but it must be factored in to growth plans.

Companies change and improve as they grow in response to the markets they compete in.  This change is healthy & leads to more desirable products and services, which lead to more sales.  Competition shouldn't be feared, but it must be factored in to growth plans for companies that plan to win long term.

This audit helps small business owners and stakeholders get information they need about a company and its products/services real strengths, weaknesses and capabilities.

Knowing where you stand in the marketplace is vital to creating accurate sales forecasts and knowing what value propositions to highlight to particular customer groups.  Projections without the backing of competitive data are just guesses.

This audit results in a detailed report providing perspective on both the macro & micro competitiveness of the client’s product or service for the various markets the client operates in.  The report will also include analysis of key features or functions that are missing or under-developed in comparison to market leaders as well as recommendations regarding ways to close the competitive gap or extend the competitive advantage

  • Product/service bench-marking against its competitors

  • Side by side comparison against market leaders and closest competitors on multiple key points of customer value

  • Aggregated product/service review analysis and problem-trend identification

  • BI report from independent commercial tools

Recommended For:

Businesses that have a defined product and are in the process of defining their market or are learning how to improve their product-market-fit.    

What to expect:

Meeting 1: ( 1-2 hours )


  • Discussion of your budget, revenues & expenses

  • Discussion of your current operational processes

  • Discussion of how your operations could be more profitable or more efficient

  • Discussion of your debts & reserves

8 Fifteen Analysis & Financial Workup.

Meeting 2 & maybe 3: ( 1-2 hours each)

  • Presentation & explanation of initial analysis

  • Discussion of operational elements/processes that may need to be adjusted and what the result of the change would be in terms of input/output & profitability

  • Tweaks based on additional discussion & clarification

  • Determination of how much work product will be required at a given rate of expenditure over a certain period of time to produce different levels of income

  • Determination of the date ( week ) at a given rate of production & expenditure that the company will have generated enough revenue to replace the owner’s current salary.

Recommended For:

Anyone that has a side business that they still have to support with their employment paycheck.

Anyone that is concerned about where they are getting the most return for their effort (at work or
in their business) and doesn’t want to work two jobs for very long.

"Tracy has helped and witnessed our business grow since the beginning (2004). His guidance and knowledge have helped us to make steps in the right direction.  He is always pleasant and understanding.  He is easy to work with and thinks creatively.  Tracy's knowledge and expertise are a huge asset to our business.  Our business would not be where it is today without the guidance and consulting we received from Tracy." 


​Elesaio and Jessica Maestas, Recycled Entertainment

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