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Our planning & consulting services help companies get pointed in the right direction so they can accomplish more with the time & money they have.  We go way beyond just talking about the problem, we learn the business and provide specific insights so leaders know where to focus their attention and why.  


  • Strategic planning   

  • Process improvement mapping

  • Operational analysis ​   

  • Detailed financial projections​


815 consulting clients are successful because they know why they are doing what they are doing, and they know how much it will cost.


Every business owner gets to set their own path to success, some paths just take longer and cost more.  We help our clients see when they are choosing the long way to their goals.


We don't tell our clients how to run their businesses, we do however offer them perspectives that they may have overlooked because they are so focused on one course of action.  It can be easy for entrepreneurs to connect the dots towards a certain goal and start to plow ahead without stopping to see if there is a better way.


We are not emotionally attached to your plan. We can help you see if there is a better way.


We work with clients on three levels:

1.  Consultative:  i.e. If we were in your shoes we would do this...

2.  Collaborative:  We tackle the project together - You do what you are good at and 815 does what you need help with.

3.  Do & Teach:  We develop the systems, tools & processes needed to move your business forward then teach you how to use what we built for you.

We charge on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on the scope of the project.


You know what really makes new products, processes & initiatives work?  New customers!

Our marketing and sales process improvement services will help you match your key benefits with your prospects core value proposition and craft a distinctive voice & brand identity that sets you apart from the field.


  • Marketing plans   

  • Graphic design

  • Social media management

  • Website design & build    


After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs with great ideas and innovative solutions to legitimate problems I can tell you that great ideas & innovative technologies are not enough to build a business that consistently pays the bills & pays the boss (you).

The day to day systems & processes are what separate the businesses that make it from those that don't' in hard times as well as times of rapid growth.


Whether you need help with sales & marketing systems or operations & management systems, make sure you have your businesses processes mapped and you know what happens at each step & why.

If not, when crunch time comes you will be scrambling to keep the wheels on the bus instead of picking up paying customers.

If you aren't sure what happens next in every situation your business comes across you could use our help

We are system thinkers and system builders. We can help.

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